Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jerzey Shore: June 14 Derby Bout

Morristown’s Corporal Punishers of the Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) last night faced the All Stars of the Jersey Shore Roller Girls (JSRG). in a heavily attended interleague home bout. (To readers outside of NJ, the JSRG is probably more familiar for the Halestorm video a few years ago.)

In early jams Morristown’s JDB took an early but marginal lead, with 911 Brass Muscles and VH1 LL Kill J adding a few points at a time. The turning point came when 355 SoCo added 19 points for JSRG in a single power jam, thereby overtaking the Corporal Punishers and giving the Jersey Shore a substantive lead. Since the two teams were fundamentally well matched, the JDB struggled to close the gap while JSRG had a hard fight to keep it. Blocking was forceful on both sides. 33 Doom Hilda and 78 Easthell Getty showed their usual aggression for Morristown, and JDB jammers repeatedly ran into Jersey Shore three-walls (frequently #s 613, 350, and 33) that were all but impassable. In the minutes before halftime, JSRG was able to expand its advantage to 95-60, which in derby is still a competitive score.

In the second half, JDB chipped away at the Jersey Shore lead, helped by a power jam by 3684 Californikate in which she made three full passes before being taken off her feet on the fourth. Brass Muscles and LL Kill J both jammed successfully through stiff resistance. With 16 minutes remaining the JDB was only 7 points behind (117-110). The JSRG responded with a renewed effort. Jams by 8 Emma Effa, 624 Koopa Troopa, and 355 SoCo restored their margin. 99 Payne Gretzky skated the final jam for JSRG against LL Kill J, taking the lead and calling the jam. Jersey Shore Roller Girls took the win 163-133.

MVPs for Morristown were Brass Muscles (blocker) and Califormikate (jammer) were; MVPs for Jersey Shore were Pinky and the Pain (blocker) and Koopa Troopa (jammer).

Jersey Bounce – Benny Goodman


  1. I love the names. Pinky and the Pain - classic. :)

    1. Though it is very much a real sport and a rough one -- the EMTs have carried off more than one player in the years I've followed the local teams -- there is a bit of theater in the presentation. It adds to the fun.