Sunday, June 8, 2014

All Stars hone edge with Hellrazors and Jersey Boys wreak Havoc

It was another derby double-header in Morristown last night. The NJRD All Stars on their home rink faced off against the Hellrazors visiting from Kendall Park NJ. Also on the bill were the JDRB (Jersey Boys Roller Derby) vs. Harm City Havoc visiting from Baltimore. Both bouts provided excitement.

The ladies’ teams were up first. The All Stars showed strength from the get-go with Maulin Rouge and Miss USAHole putting points on the board in the first few jams.  Maulin expanded the early lead with multi-pass power jam. All Star blocking was both firm and shrewd, often involving the tactic of breaking the pack to get their jammer through. The Hellrazors were good at forming walls to slow or stop All Stars jammers. A Bomb, a formidable jammer for the Hellrazors, always has been good at exploiting any holes in a defense; she struggled to find them last night, but find them she did. Rarely unpressured by an All Stars jammer on her heels, she would secure a few points and call the jam. Other Hellrazors jammers, notably Thiza Glory and Jenn-a-Go-Go, did the same in an effort to chip at the All Stars lead. At halftime the scoreboard read 72-47 in favor of All Stars – a competitive spread and a relatively low overall score, which is a tribute to the blockers.

In the second half the Hellrazors pushed to overcome the All Stars lead. Defenses stiffened with Bitty Boom Boom and Rosa Ruckus delivering well-timed hits for the All Stars and Clara Form and Lethal Holloway doing the same for the Hellrazors. The pattern of the first half reasserted itself in the second, however. Maulin Rouge had the most successful single jam, adding more than 20 points. Miss USAHole added the final points of the game for the All Stars. The final score was a convincing win of 219-76 in favor of All Stars. MVPs: #44 Maulin Rouge (jammer) & #12 Shannanigunz (blocker) for All Stars; #26x2 Thiza Glory (jammer) & #MAD31 Lethal Holloway (blocker) for Hellrazors.

The men were up next, and provided a nail-biter from start to finish. Blocking on both sides was fierce, and it was several jams before either team added more than a few points to the scoreboard. Thereon out, the lead see-sawed between the Jersey Boys and Havoc. Whenever one side would pull ahead, as when Robert Brawlson added 10 points in a single jam, the other would take it back, in this case by Warren T. Voider and Gearhead, only for Papi Chuleta to tip the numbers the other way. Blocking remained tough. The main difference between men’s and women’s roller derby is that men, by dint of their generally larger size, hit the floor harder (p=mv); skaters on both teams did just that, repeatedly and obviously painfully. The first half ended with an 87-73 lead for Jersey, but there wasn’t the slightest reason for Jersey to feel secure.

The intensity increased in the second half. Bear, Robert Brawlson, and Scooter McGoot added points for Jersey, while Sin Diesel, Voider, and Gearhead did the same for Havoc. Havoc retook the lead which again teetered back and forth. With two minutes remaing the score was tied at 136-136. In the final jam with five seconds on the clock the score was 142-139. Brawlson broke through as lead jammer for Jersey and called the jam after five seconds, securing the win for Jersey Boys. Few bouts have more tense finishes than that.

Fancy footwork but Gene doesn’t show he can take a hit

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