Sunday, April 20, 2014

Internal Strife: JDB Intraleague Bout

The Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) opened its 2014 season last night with an intraleague bout. The JDB has a history of playing against itself as a way of honing skills for use against other leagues. Recently having lost some key skaters to other leagues, the JDB is wise to continue the practice, Last night it divided itself into the ad hoc teams of Black and Red.

On paper the teams looked fairly matched, with veteran jammers (e.g. Maggy Kyllanfall and Lil MO Peep for Black; ASSault Shaker and Brass Muscles for Red) and blockers (Doom Hilda; Raven Rage, et al.) with relative newbies. B. Ver Cleaver and InCindyous proved effective for Black, while Bow Chicka Pow Pow and Apocelyse added power to Red. It didn’t take long for a difference to emerge, and most of it had to do with stronger Red blocking slowing down Black jammers. Apocelyse in particular had and especially good evening jamming for Red. By half-time, Red led 80-25.

The bout became more rough-and-tumble (literally) in the second half, with the versatile CaliforniKate repeatedly taking down or knocking out of bounds Red jammers. In an exciting final jam, Chick a Pow Pow repeatedly changed places with CaliforniKate in the penalty box as each tried to rack up points in a power jam. The clock ran out with a final score of Red 140, Black 70.

On May 17 we’ll see their combined skills put to the test when the JDB faces off against the Strong Island Derby Revolution.

OK, maybe I’m beginning to stretch for “roll” and “skate” references. Neil Young with Booker T & the MGs - Let's Roll 

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