Sunday, September 16, 2018

Roller Derby Recap: JDB vs. Suburbia

In an exciting match last night the Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) on its home track in Morristown took on Suburbia Roller Derby visiting from Westchester. Last November JDB scored a convincing win (254-161) against Suburbia, but a lot can change in 10 months and it did.

JDB got off to a good start with #3684 Californikate putting 14 points on the board. Firm blocking maintained JDB’s lead for the first several minutes, but a 15 point power jam by Suburbia’s #41 Harm’n’Hammer flipped the lead to Suburbia. #64 Madeline Alfight flipped it back to JDB with a 13 point jam. #1979 Smashing Pumpkin soon took it back for Suburbia and #1952 Queen Elizadeath II then expanded the lead. #21 Piña Collider showed a special knack for exploiting holes in JDB defenses. Suburbia blocking was also solid with #1234, #555, and #92 working well together in formation. Despite strong JDB efforts, including a nice apex jump by Californikate, the first half ended 82-112 in favor of Suburbia.

In the second half the score tightened several times only to see Suburbia widen it again. The trend of the second half suddenly shifted when a power jam by Californikate closed the gap to 4 points. With 9 minutes remaining, a successful jam by Madeline Alfight took JDB into the lead 177-170.  Queen Elizadeath II soon tied up the score and then flipped the lead to Suburbia once again. The score stood at 180-192 with 4 minutes remaining. Piña Collider put Suburbia over the 200 mark and Suburbia’s Smashing Pumpkin scored the last points of the game in the final jam.

Final Score: 184-207 in favor of Suburbia

Suburbia Roller Derby:
#1952 Queen Elizadeath II (jammer)
#275 Ramma Jamma (blocker)

#3684 Californikate (jammer)
#221 Det. Sure-Block Holmes (blocker)

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