Sunday, April 14, 2013

They're Ba-ack

This year’s women’s Roller Derby season in nearby Morristown, NJ, got off to a rousing start with a bout between the local NJRD (New Jersey Roller Derby) All Stars and the visiting Strong Island Derby Revolution. The teams were adjusting to recent rule changes, including the elimination of minor penalties (minor penalties were for rule violations that didn’t substantively affect play). The changes seem likely to add more rough to the rough-and-tumble.

The announcer more than once referred to sloppiness in the teams’ adjustment to the new rules, but, if that criticism is warranted, it is a sloppiness the NJRD would do well to retain. The NJRD snared an early lead in the first jam as Maulin Rouge scored points at the beginning of what would be an outstanding game for her. Shannanigunz (listed in the roster below simply as Gunz) and Miss USAhole also scored big as jammers for NJRD, but not without encountering firm opposition from Strong Island. Miss USAhole at one point was knocked to the floor three times in a single jam (jams last two minutes unless the lead jammer calls it off early) but still managed to score. Pixie Bust, back on the track after a knee injury last year, acted as pivot (lead blocker) for much of the game for NJRD, and Yoshi was particularly effective as a blocker. Both teams frequently blocked by forming walls four skaters wide across the track, often effectively. Strong Island remained competitive through the fist half, with Bitesize Brawler (411) and Ann T. Virus (24) especially effective as jammers; Blade E. MacBeth (17), Eve’l EnForcHer (27) and Jenney from the Block (13) offered strong support. At halftime the score stood at 122-38 favoring NJRD, a hefty but not insurmountable lead.

Halftime events at the local roller derby matches range from nonexistent to rock bands to Irish dancers. One never knows. Last night the halftime included a 20 minute Junior Bout between the Jersey Junior Roller Derby and the Red Bank Riot Girls. It was a surprisingly energetic match, with special mention to Clare Beware, Banana Split and Baby Betty. The biggest crowd pleaser, though, was Breezy, who, standing at half the height of some of the older girls, scored points in a power jam. The score was 60-27 in favor of JJRD.

In the second half of the adult match, Strong Island pushed to catch up. Aided by power jams by Molocchia (20/20) and Bitesize Brawler, they narrowed the point gap and threatened the NJRD lead. (Power jams occur when the opposing team is unable to score because their jammer is in the penalty box.) It was a good push, but not enough. NJRD pushed back and rebuilt its lead, with Shannanigunz and Maulin Rouge adding points in the final two jams.

The final score was 223-136 in favor of NJRD, a good start for the 2013 season.


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    1. Thanks for helping bring a fun sport to the area.

  2. Great blog but the jr. derby score ended up being 60-27 and JJRD won that :D

    1. Thanks, I''ll readjust. (I asked, but apparently someone as uncertain as I.)

  3. GREAT blog I'll show it to our girls tomorrow :D