Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recap: May 20 Derby Bout

Last night the Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) on their home track in Morristown NJ hosted the Wonder Brawlers visiting from the Central New York Roller Derby based in Chester, NY.

The early jams gave no indication of how the match would go. An early lead by the JDB was lost when a power jam by #003 Sinful Pleasures put the Brawlers ahead 8-17. Before long, however, the JDB strong bench of jammers and well-structured blocking began to tell. #00 Mental Block took back the lead for JDB and #235 A-Bomb, with her ability to exploit holes in the pack, added to it with a 28 point jam. Pressured by JDB jammers, “hit it and quit it” jams by #13 Hot Cakes and #18 Summer of Sam were not enough to prevent the point spread from widening through the first half. #3884 CaliforniKate took the JDB over the 100-point mark, and the first half ended with JDB ahead 116 – 28.

In the second half the Brawlers came back determined to put points on the board and up the aggressiveness of their blocking. Given current formation tactics in blocking, defense has become more of a coordinated group effort, but #26 J8ded Sk8ter for the Brawlers and #221 Det. Sure-Block Holmes are notable for well-timed hard hits. The Brawlers succeeded in racking up points. #4 White Lie had multipass success in power jams despite firm JDB walls as did #003 Sinful Pleasures. However, JDB continued to score as well including in jams by #8 Lil MO Peep and (in star passes) #64 Madeleine Alfight. #13 Hot Cakes took the Brawlers over the 100 mark, putting the score at 167-110 with minutes remaining in the game. Despite a last chance push – including the Brawlers stopping the clock at 13 seconds in order to squeeze in one last jam – the bout ended with a Final Score of 176 – 120 in favor of JDB.

For Wonder Brawlers – #26 J8ded Sk8ter as blocker, #4 White Lie as jammer

For Jerzey Derby Brigade – #33 Doom Hilda as blocker, 8 Lil MO Peep as jammer

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