Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trackside Once More: Local Derby Recap

Another exciting derby bout took place in Morristown last night as the home Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) met the visiting Hudson Valley Horrors.

The teams appeared closely matched throughout the first half with a very slight advantage to the Horrors. Blocking was energetic and well organized on both sides forcing jammers to work hard for their points. JDB’s #8 Lil Mo Peep in particular received repeated rough handling by Horrors blockers but still managed to work her way through the pack. At 15 minutes into the bout the score stood 37-39 in favor of the Horrors. The Horrors slowly added to their lead with #4 Black Cherry having especial success. At the end of the first half JDB trailed by a substantial 63 – 88.

The second half couldn’t have been more different from the first. JDB skaters took to the track with determination. 30 point jam by JDB skater #3684 Californikate put the JDB in the lead 97 – 90. Despite spirited jams by Horrors skaters and strong blocking by #1134 Surly Trample and #666 Rxy Ramalotte among others, the JDB increasingly dominated the scoreboard. Lil Mo Peep, 00 Mental Block, and #64 Madeleine Alfight jammed with repeated success. In the final jam #4 Black Cherry did what she could for the Horrors in a power jam against stiff blocking, notably by #221 Det. Sure-Block Holmes, but the JDB lead by that point was secure.

Final score: 228-135 in favor of JDB.

MVPs: #4 Black Cherry (jammer) & #666 Rxy Ramalotte (blocker) for Hudson Valley Horrors; 00 Mental Block (jammer) & #221 Det. Sure-Block Holmes (blocker) for JDB.

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