Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 12 Recap: Corporal Punishers vs. Brandywine Roller Girls

The final bout of the season for the hometown Corporal Punishers of the Jerzey Derby Brigade was a see-saw nail-biter that wasn’t decided until the last jam. Brandywine scored the first points and built up a 20 point lead in the first few minutes. An effective power jam by #12 Evil Beauty seemed to put Brandywine on course for a comfortable victory. But jams by #3684 CaliforniKate and #235 A Bomb gave the Corporal Punishers a one-point 44-43 lead. #1945 Bomb Schell took a 2-point lead back for Brandywine. Both sides put up strong blocking walls, and it was clear that neither team was going to have an easy time of it. At halftime Brandywine had a 19-point lead, but this time it seemed anything but secure.

For most of the second half Brandywine held onto its lead, but with 11 minutes remaining in the bout CaliforniKate tied up the score 152-152. In the next jam against stiff blocking #8 Li’l MO Peep pushed the Corporal Punishers into the lead. Evil Beauty took it back for Brandywine 164-165 and A Bomb reversed it again 167-165. With a minute remaining, a Corporal Punisher lead 185-170 brought victory within sight, but an exciting and superb jam by Evil Beauty in the very last jam of the night added 22 points.

Brandywine took the win with a final score 185 – 192.

MVPs: 1776 Merica (blocker) and #12 Evil Beauty (jammer) for Brandywine; #93 Freudian Slap (blocker) and #3684 CaliforniKate (jammer) for the Corporal Punishers.

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