Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jerzey Derby Brigade vs Shore Points Roller Derby

In last night’s entertaining bout in Morristown, NJ, the Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) on its home track faced Shore Points Roller Derby visiting from south Jersey. Both teams deployed similar tactics, using the diamond formation blocking technique to good effect. Shore Points fields a strong team, and, despite animated skating on both sides, took an early lead and soon built it to 30 points. Shore Points skaters #17 Meggo and #25 Lemonade repeatedly proved hard to stop, occasionally sailing through dense blocking. Minutes before the end of the first half, however, the game took a dramatic turn. JDB jammer #3684 CaliforniKate closed part of the gap. Then in a power jam against Shore Point blockers thinned by penalties, #235 A Bomb lapped the pack 5 times thereby giving JDB a 1 point lead (90-89) at halftime.

It is October after all, so halftime was marked by a Halloween costume contest – also by congratulations to #33 Doom Hilda celebrating 10 years of derby.

In the second half, #17 Meggo immediately recaptured the lead for Shore Points – a lead narrowed by JDB #8 Lil MO Peep in the subsequent jam. Blocking grew fiercer with skaters repeatedly taken off their feet. Shore Points #85 Buns N Roses was taken down hard enough to leave the track temporarily, though she later returned to jam. Shore Points once again built up a lead as it had in the first half (until the last few minutes of it). Despite spirited jams right up to the end by CaliforniKate, A Bomb, and Lil Mo Peep, the point spread was too much to overcome in the last minutes of the second half. Sore Points prevailed with a Final Score of 162 – 220.

MVPs: #8 Lil MO Peep (jammer) and #93 Freudian Slap (blocker) for JDB; #17 Outbreak “St. Marie” Meggo (jammer) and #96 Curse Me Thirsty (blocker) for Shore points.


  1. Sounds like fun, as did the halftime contest. There's nothing like that around these parts so I watch football on TV. Prescott for the Cowboys is doing well. I hope Romo stays resting for an extended while more to get over his injuries. Just saying.

    1. It sounds like your town needs a league. (Texas actually is where derby got its second breath about 15 years ago as a women’s sport.) Find an open space a minimum (assuming a 5-foot safety lane: 10-foot safety lanes are preferred but 5-foot will do) 98 feet (33m) long by 65 feet (20m) wide willing to host practice and games. Lease the space and offer to sublet it to any team that wants to use it. Be the local derby king.

      Barring that… well, the Cowboys have few things going for them too.