Sunday, September 18, 2016

Diamond in the Rough: Derby Bout in Morristown

The Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) dominated a bout Saturday night on its home track in Morristown despite a gamely skated second half by Diamond State Roller Derby, visiting from Delaware.

Bouts commonly are won or lost by the defense, but last night both teams deployed effective and well-coordinated blocking. JDB’s jammers simply displayed skill at getting around or through it. #22 Apocalyse put the first points on the board for JDB. In the following jam JDB’s #8 L’il Mo Peep, despite being taken off her feet by a block from Dianmond State’s #42 Calamity Roo, passed through the pack five times. #64 Madeleine Allight and #3684 CaliforniKate also had repeated success, the latter making good use of apex jumps. Assisted by a deeper bench of fresh skaters, JDB led 154-13 at halftime.

Diamond State redoubled efforts in the second half with several skaters taking turns as jammers with some success, notably by #613 Slashley Voorhees, #8 Copa Kabangya, and #30 Cookie Monstrosity against firm JDB blocking. Both teams racked up points, but the JDB lead from the first half was daunting. CaliforniKate took JDB over the 200 point mark. Diamond State spunkily pushed to get past 100, and #13 Betty Rocker succeeded in the very last jam of the bout.

Final Score: 290 – 101 in favor of JDB.
MVPs: Copa Kabangya (jammer) and Betty Rocker (blocker) for Diamond State; Apocelyse (jammer) and Det. Sure-Block Holmes (blocker) for JDB.