Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Months of local derby dearth ended last night with the NJRD (New Jersey Roller Derby) All Stars on its home track in Morristown hosting the Black Rose Rollers All Stars from Hanover PA. The bout didn’t disappoint. It was hard-fought between two well-matched teams who repeatedly traded the lead. Despite fancy footwork by #44 Maulin Rouge in and #123 Bacon 4 Mercy in early jams, both encountered fierce blocking that limited gains on both sides, even during power jams. Black Rose overcame an NJRD early lead, and at 10 minutes in the score stood at NJRD 21-Black Rose 26. At 20 minutes Black Rose led by 22 points. With notable jams by #12 Shannanigunz and #352 Olive Havoc the half-time score stood at NJRD 86-Black Rose 97.

11 points is not much of a spread in derby and both teams returned to the track energized in the second half. Maulin Rouge fought through brutal defenses to close the gap to 93-97. A successful jam by #13 Sukkubus Strixe recaptured the lead for NJRD. #908 Jeno-go-go in a multiple pass jam expanded NJRD’s edge 132-97. Olive Havoc returned the favor, putting Black Rose ahead once again 145-147. NJRD clawed back in front and built up its advantage for the rest of the bout. Sukkubus Strixe skated as final lead jammer adding the last points of the match for NJRD. Final score of NJRD 208 - Black Rose 164.

MVPs Deja Blue and BrieAnn Jam for Black Rose

Rosa Ruckus and Shannanigunz for NJRD

There are few sports as fun to watch. If the reader has his or her doubts, I recommend giving it a try.


  1. It is great to see your enthusiasm for the sport has not waned. I really should check out if there are any local derbies in my area. I think I'd have fun at one.

    1. It's good fun: you can watch men knock each other down anywhere, sometimes not even as a sport.

      You might try San Fernando Valley Roller Derby ( in Sylmar. I see they have an outside track, which is unusual -- OK, southern CA weather does have some advantages.