Sunday, November 8, 2015

Roller Recap

Regular visitors to this blog will not be surprised to read I was trackside last night in Morristown for the women’s roller derby bout between the local Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) and the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Roller Radicals.

It was an exciting match in which the score seesawed between the teams until the final 10 minutes. In the first half, whenever one team would build a lead it quickly would vanish in a single power jam. Apocelyse, Lil MO Peep, and CaliforniKate had particularly successful power jams for the JDB while Veronika Gettsburger and Liberty Violence did the same for the Radicals. Both old-school blocking and some of the newer formation defenses were on display by both teams. 15 minutes into the bout the score stood at 67-60 in favor of JDB; at halftime it was 116-129 in favor of the Radicals. In the second half the Radicals opened a 50 point lead. This owed much to Gettsburger who had several multi-pass jams despite being taken down hard in one by Beast Witherspoon. The JDB chipped away at that lead as the clock ran down, and with 3 minutes remaining the score was 190-210. Despite redoubled efforts by both teams, the Radicals held on and took the win with a final score of 201-227.

MVPs were #22  Apocelyse (jammer) and #13 Smiley Cyrus (blocker) for JDB, and #81 Veronika Gettsburger (jammer) and #1200 Liberty Violence (blocker) for the Roller Radicals.


  1. Is Morristown the closest big town where you live? Sounds like a lively time. Been listening to some Springsteen lately. Did you ever get to see him play?

    1. Yes, it's about 10 miles from my door to the center of town. Morristown isn't very big (some 18,000 people), but as the hub for Morris County (about 500,000 people) it is livelier at night than one might expect. I haven't seen Bruce for many years and I haven't bought an album since as long ago as "The River," but I hang out occasionally at the Stone Pony and a few other iconic spots for NJ musicians.