Sunday, September 27, 2015

Double Derby and the Generation Gap

An unusual double-header took place in Morristown NJ last night.

NJRD (New Jersey Roller Derby) All Stars vs Diamond State Roller Girls
NJRD Small Stars vs Jersey Junior Roller Derby

Since its inception in 2011 the NJRD (adult division) has evolved from a spirited but uneven presence on the rink into a consistently effective force. This was certainly on display last night as the NJRD dominated a bout with Diamond State Roller Girls visiting from Delaware. In the first three jams Shannanigunz, Tuff Crust Pizza, and Maulin Rouge gave NJRD a 26-0 lead. It was a harbinger. Diamond State jammers were not without success, notably Cheetahs Never Prosper and Slashley Voorhees, but it wasn’t enough. Blocking by both teams was aggressive and tactically coherent, but ultimately NJRD jammers more often got through, with Shannanigunz and Maulin Rouge both executing fancy leaps of inside corners. To their credit, neither team eased up when outcome no longer was in doubt. NJRD took the win 387-62.

MVPs: Shannanigunz (jammer) and Bitty Boom Boom (blocker) for NJRD; Cheetahs Never Prosper (jammer) and Copa Kabangya (blocker) for Diamond State.


I’ve seen the junior division (ages 8-17) NJRD Small Stars skate demonstration bouts before, but last night they skated a full-length bout against Jersey Junior Roller Derby. Both teams clearly had benefited from coaching and much practice: blocking was coordinated and good. In that age range, however, a single year makes a world of difference and an apparent edge worked to Jersey Junior Roller Derby’s advantage. For all that the Small Stars’ Lil’ Miss, Breezy, Fast n Furious, and (especially) Dreadga Allie Poe had good nights. But Jersey Junior Roller Derby had a better night, notably jammers Fetty Wapher and Hotroad Hunny. The Jersey Juniors led 90-40 at 15 minutes into the bout, and were able to maintain roughly that percentage spread throughout the rest of the match. Final score Jersey Junior Roller Derby took the win 333-165.

MVPs: Julia Ghoulia (jammer) and Hotroad Hunny (blocker) for Jersey Junior Roller Derby; Cinderspella (jammer) and Crushin’ Skulls (blocker) for NJRD Small Stars.

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