Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recap: Corporal Punishers vs Roller Vixens

In the final bout of the season the Corporal Punishers of the Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) faced the Red Bank Roller Vixens on the JDB’s home rink in Morristown NJ.

The last time I saw the Vixens skate was in November 2013. New faces have been added since then, but there were a few returning veterans including Infra Red and Pushy Galore. The team needed them. In the very first jam Punisher CaliforniKate blew through Red Bank defenses and put 15 points on the board. In the second jam Punisher ApocElyse lapped the pack twice. It was a harbinger of things to come. Infra Red put the first few points on the board for Red Bank. Additional points were gained by Lady Speedstick and Pink Wrecker, but the Corporal Punishers dominated the first half, ending with a half-time lead 156-46.

The Vixens redoubled their efforts in the second half with noticeable effect. Blocking became more aggressive with Purple Crush and C the Fury delivering solid hits. More than a few pile-ups were part of the action. Red Bank’s jammers were more successful, with points following a star pass maneuver putting the team over the 100 mark. Yet, it was still the Punishers’ game. Morristown has rebuilt a depth of experienced jammers after having lost key skaters in 2013 and it shows: Brass Muscles, LL Kill J, and Porcelain Brawl all proved adept at evading or pushing through Red Bank blocking. Vixen blockers are not lacking in energy or aggression, but the Punishers’ tighter defensive coordination gave them an advantage. The Punishers’ recent improvement shows that a single season can make a world of difference, and a 2015 rematch might see fortunes reversed. The Corporal Punishers took the win with a score of 264-116.   

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