Sunday, November 16, 2014

Philly Blocks Morristown: Roller Derby Recap

I’ve seen the Philly Block Party skate numerous times against teams from both of Morristown’s derby leagues, and seen them defeated only once. Not only do they typically win but win big. Only two months ago the Philly Block Party defeated Morristown’s Corporal Punishers on the latter’s home rink 232-107. In last night’s rematch the early jams threatened a replay of the September bout. JK Trolling scored for Philly on first jam with multiple passes through the pack while Philly blockers displayed a solidity they would show consistently throughout the bout. For several jams Philly built on its lead. The Corporal Punishers soon recovered their footing. At first the Punishers chipped away at their opponents’ lead, and then overtook them with a major point haul by Brass Knuckles. With 5 minutes remaining in the first half, the Block Party recaptured a razor thin lead.

The second half remained competitive while blocking on both sides grew more fierce resulting in knock-downs and pile-ups. With 15 minutes remaining in the bout, Philly led 168-152, a margin that in derby is anything but safe. The Block Party was able to stretch its advantage in power jams, however. In the final jam JK Trolling broke through Punisher defenses into lead jammer position and literally sashayed around the track as the clock ran out. Final score: 238-182 in favor of Philly.

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