Sunday, October 12, 2014

It Was Night in the Lonesome October: Corporal Punishers vs Hudson Valley Horrors

Having been beaten by the Risky B’s of the NJRD last week in a see-saw bout, the Hudson Valley Horrors returned to Morristown NJ last night for a swipe at the Corporal Punishers of Morristown’s other league, the Jerzey Derby Brigade.

The Corporal Punishers have lost some of their veteran skaters in the past year, thereby reducing the pool of fresh replacements, but they remain a scrappy force. Nonetheless the Horrors jumped to an early lead as Cherry Lifesaver gathered points in a power jam. The first 10 minutes looked as though the bout might by a runaway as Horrors jammers, notably Daemon Mistress and Blazy Susan, powered or maneuvered their way through stiff blocking by the Punishers, including a take-down of Blazy Susan by Doom Hilda. The Punishers recovered their footing, however, and slowly closed the gap. ApocElyse and CaliforniKate for the Punishers were repeatedly able to add a few points per jam while their blockers stepped up the aggression, with Foxie Five-Hole delivering an especially hard hit to Daemon Mistress. At 20 minutes, the score stood at 61-43 in favor of the Horrors, which in derby is an extremely vulnerable lead. In the final minutes of the first half the Horrors expanded their lead in power jams thereby giving the Punishers an uphill battle for the second.

Both teams stepped up their game in the second half, with tough blocking leading to pile-ups. Yet, despite game jamming by Brass Muscles, CaliforniKate, and Beast Witherspoon, the increase in energy favored the Horrors. The Horrors added steadily to their lead, finishing the bout with a final win of 218 – 87.

Corporal Punishers:
jammer – Beast Witherspoon
blocker – Brass Muscles

Hudson Valley Horrors:
jammer – Prada G
blocker –  Pinky Swears

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