Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Party Rolls On

Recap: 9/13/14 Corporal Punishers vs Philly Block Party

Having seen the Philadelphia team skate several times before, I knew the home team Morristown Corporal Punishers had an uphill fight. The Punishers knew it too, and were ready for it.

In the very first jam Philly jammer Goldie scored 28 points in multiple passes while Philly blocking kept the Morristown score to zero. Throughout the bout, Goldie repeatedly was able to pass through the pack almost as if through viscous liquid rather than solid bodies, most often by exploiting any hole in the defense. Only once was she taken down seriously – by Doom Hilda in the second half. Holden Killfield was the other key jammer for Philly – also taken down roughly once in the second half. Along with other Philly skaters they steadily racked up points.

Morristown fought back with aggressive tactics. ApocElyse put the first points on the board for the Punishers. Brass Muscles, LL Kill J, CaliforniKate and Lil Mo Peep in turn jammed against fierce Philly blocking. At 15 minutes in, the score had closed to a very competitive 55-35 favoring Philly. A redoubled effort reexpanded the Philly edge, however, and by halftime led by 110-46.

In the second half, Morristown chipped away at the Philly lead for several jams, but once again the Block Party leaned into the bout, mounting up points in and out of power jams. Despite numerous successful jams, including a triple pass by ApocElyse and the final points of the game added by CaliforniKate, Philly’s power prevailed. Nonetheless, the Punishers had put up a worthy fight against a strong opponent.

The Block Party took the win 232-107.

MVPs – Corporal Punishers: jammer – ApocElyse/blocker – Easthell Getty
              Block Party: jammer – Holden Killfield /blocker – Quazi Mojo

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