Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mutual Punishment

Last night The Corporal Punishers of the Jerzey Derby Brigade (hereafter JDB) women’s roller derby league on its home rink in Morristown NJ in an interleague bout faced off against the Petticoat Punishers of the Bay State Brawlers (hereafter BSB), visiting from Lancaster, MA.

A rule change since last season has made for a faster start. Formerly, jams began with two whistles, one releasing the blockers and the second releasing the jammers. All are now released with a single whistle, which makes for a sudden melee and, often, a rapid breakthrough by one or both jammers.

BSB jammers #80 Translucid, #007 B-Line Blondie, and #34DD Ashlee Juggz proved very adept at bursting through the blockers in the first few second of jams, and snared an early point lead for BSB. Juggz showed exceptional perseverance, at one point coming back on the track after a full minute in the penalty box and still managing to score points in a two minute jam. The JDB operated without two of last season’s major assets (Maggy Kyllanfall and Baked Beanz), and relied more heavily on #AK-47 Assault Shaker, #394 Voldeloxx, and #3684 CaliforniKate as jammers. Along with #57 Heinz Catchup, they helped tie the score, and then edge the JDB into the lead. At halftime the score stood 117-107.

At halftime, the Jersey Junior Roller Derby (JJRD), featuring skaters aged 8-17, skated an exhibition bout between the teams Purple People Eaters and Beach Barracudas. Despite an early lead by Purple People Eaters, the final victory went to Beach Barracudas 96-81, with much of the margin due to an impressive power jam by Baby Betty. Special mention also to Deviled Leggz and Wheel Wolf (Purple), and Kid Vicious (Beach). MVPs were Baby Betty and Damage Patch Kid.

The adult second half resumed with a determined push by BSB to regain the lead. Neither side gave up points easily. Blocking was well coordinated, and when acting individually, #63 Raven Rage (JDB) and #6ftd Kenya Diggit (BSB) were especially effective. BSB nonetheless closed the gap and nudged ahead. When penalties left only two JDB blockers on the track Juggz in a power jam expanded the BSB lead 133-156. A multiple pass through the pack by AK-47 restored a lead  to JDB, and Heinz piled on, more than once overtaking the opposing jammer. Heinz added to the lead in the final jam. The clock ran out with the score 250-199 in favor of JDB.

MVPs were B-Line Blondie for BSB and Raven Rage for JDB.

All in all, the teams were exceptionally well matched, and delivered an exciting bout. Also, it good to see the JJRD show that the ranks of derby teams will stay full for some time to come.


  1. Thanks! Great blog! Shared this with our girls! :D

    1. I'm sure we'll be seeing you and all your teammates out on the track for many years to come.