Monday, July 23, 2012

Hellrazors Pain Pains – NJ Women's Roller Derby

The last bout back in May between the New Jersey Hellrazors and the Major Pains in Morristown, NJ tied 122-122 as the clock ran out. In an overtime tie-breaking jam, the Hellrazors pulled off a 136-129 win. Last night’s rematch at the Hellrazors’ home rink in Kendall Park had the makings of another exciting bout, and the teams didn’t disappoint.

Proceeds from the bout benefitted a charitable trust for Ana Cru, who was born March 13 with Dandy Walker Syndrome. For more on this see .

The Hellrazors leapt ahead in the opening minutes with Cherry Mercenary picking up 4 points in the initial jam, and A-Bomb adding 5 in the third. From the start and throughout the bout, the Hellrazors played a very good defensive strategy, with their lead jammers calling off jams when there was the slightest risk of the Pains picking up points. This forfeited some opportunities for Hellrazors to add points of their own, but it suppressed the Pains’ score much more effectively. Voldeloxx put the first points on the board for the Pains. A power jam by Ginger Ail put the Pains in the lead. It set the pattern for a see-saw scoreboard. Cherry Mercenary in a triple grand slam regained the lead for the Hellrazors 48-41. Blocking was aggressive on both sides. Hellrazor Lethal Holloway was taken down hard toward the end of the first half, but still got up to score points. At half-time the Hellrazors had built a lead to 88-60.

In the second half, a power jam by Baked Beanz restored a lead 103-113 for the Pains. The Hellrazors took it back. Heinz Catchup consistently added points for the Pains, slipping through the pack, showing real speed in the open, and occasionally exchanging hits with opposing jammers. A-Bomb was just as effective for the Hellrazors; Cherry Mercenary and Mental Block were formidable, too. A jam by Baked Beanz tied up the score 124-124 with 8 minutes remaining. The Hellrazors nudged ahead again, with A-Bomb expanding the lead. At the start of the final jam, the bout still was too close to call. The clock ran out with a score of 138-133, victory to Hellrazors.

It is hard to get much more evenly matched than these two teams. I’m looking forward to the next bout.

(Theme music: I know she's singing about motorcycles, not roller skates, but I couldn't resist: .)


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