Friday, June 17, 2011

Sound Effects

One of the advantages to living alone (and to sharing no common walls with neighbors) is the liberty to do noisy things at any hour of the day or night without having to explain yourself to anybody. At 2 last night (or this morning, if you prefer), sleep, by no deliberate choice of my own, was not on the agenda. So, I let my inner adolescent out for a stretch and cranked up the stereo.

My taste in music is not particularly high-brow, and it lurches oddly from big bands to blues to hard rock to ‘alternative,” however one defines that last one. I can tolerate, but am not a fan of, modern pop. The less said about Eminem the better. I’m also very unlikely to play country – unless The Unknown Hinson can be said to count ( ). Last night I opted for the sound track to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, a surreal movie best summed up as

All the world’s a video game,
And all the men and women merely avatars.

I was surprised at the time of its release that this film didn’t do better with its target demographic, to which I definitely don’t belong. I wasn’t surprised to see its interestingly eclectic music released as a cd ( ). On balance, it proved a good choice with which to spend a dark hour. However, the oldest track on this mostly very contemporary cd is Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones. Hearing it prompted me to follow up the album with a cd of Mick and the guys. The first track to play on this second cd was Time is on My Side. No it’s not. No one past his 20s ever would write those lyrics.

I turned off the stereo and went to bed. A much relieved cat settled herself on the bed, too. Sleep arrived. Then daylight.

I’m not quite sure what is the evolutionary role of a taste for music and poetic lyrics; I’ve read many theories, but none has been altogether convincing. I do know that those wee hours tunes were more rejuvenating than an extra hour of slumber would have been. As for the song that restored thoughts of sleep… well… whatever time may bring one day, today, at least, is pleasant. The radio by my desk beckons. I think some background music is in order.

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